It all starts from here

I love my job especially during the holidays, I am able to stay home with my baby boy and do what I love. Instead of like most of the adult population out there that has to go into a full time job.

There is a couple things I need to do and that is to get Knoxville Plumbing, which is my family’s business, to get more business for the best knoxville drain cleaning.

Also another family’s business is best bakersfield cpr classes that I need to get them more business too!

I have not customized this site too much so far- I plan on doing that soon. But I am too busy this week helping Knoxville Plumbing ¬†build a christmas float for the downtown Knoxville christmas Parade. And I won’t even be here Friday to see it because my family is going to my wife family in Texas for her brothers wedding. So I will be very busy this week. I am just taking a few minutes out of a busy schedule to write this short post.

Well I think I am going to wrap this up- till next time! ..Maybe I will have customized this site just a little? #fingerscrossed




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